Toby "Radiation" Fox (né le 11 Octobre 1991 )[1][2], aussi connu sous FwugRadiation, est un développeur de jeux vidéo et un compositeur de musique.

Il est né en Amérique dans l'Etat du Massachusetts à Boston[3]. Il est actuellement diplômé d'un Bachelor en science de l'environnement à la Northeastern University[4] de la même ville.

Il a développé en 2015 le RPG Undertale, acclamé pour son excellence, et a également composé sa bande son. Son avatar est le Chien Pénible .


Étant à la fois le développeur principal et le compositeur de la bande son du jeu, Fox est crédité pour la conception des personnages suivants:


Fox est à l'origine un membre du forum fanzine d'EarthBound, Starmen.Net, sur lequel il avait le pseudo de "Radiation" où il manage le forum PK Hack depuis 2011.[5] Il se fait connaitre par le public avec le célèbre "EarthBound Halloween Hack" aussi connu sous le nom de "Press the B Button, Stupid!", avec une contribution sur Starmen.Net en 2008 avec "Halloween Funfest".[6]

Toby Fox a aussi produit la musique du webcomic d'Homestuck, après quoi il a voulu créer Undertale, qu'il a développé avec l'aide partielle d'Andrew Hussie.[7][8]


Album Musique
Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead
(Février 4, 2010)
"Liquid Negrocity", "The Ballad of Jack Noir" (Original Version)
Homestuck Vol. 4
(Avril13, 2010)
"John Sleeps / Skaian Magicant", "Carefree Victory", "Atomyk Ebonpyre", "Black"
Homestuck Vol. 5
(Juin 13, 2010)
"Skaian Skirmish", "Savior of the Waking World", "Happy Cat Song!", "Hardchorale", "White", "Octoroon Rangoon", "Lotus Land Story", "Versus", "Dupliblaze COMAGMA", "Moonshatter", "Sunsetter", "Get Up", "Vertical Motion", "Amphibious Subterrain", "Snow Pollen", "Descend"
(Juillet 18, 2010)
"Crustacean", "Showdown", "mIrAcLeS", "The Lemonsnout Turnabout", "Phaze and Blood", "psych0ruins", "Walls Covered In Blood", "dESPERADO ROCKET CHAIRS,", "Death of the Lusii", "Virgin Orb", "The La2t Frontiier", "Skaian Summoning", "Spider's Claw (Bonus)", "Staring (Bonus)", "Keepers (Bonus)"
(Août 26, 2010)
"Squiddles the Movie Trailer - The Day the Unicorns Couldn't Play"
The Baby Is You
(Octobre 13, 2010)
"THROGUH SONG", "IM HAVING A BABY, AND THE BABY IS YOU", "bootes", "ROSE PRAGNET (feat. ????)", "the rose rap (feat. von fawn)", "uh oh", "vs. bros", "A BABY IS BORN (feat. artemis251 as luigi, chorus singer, kid, and hella jeff)"
The Felt
(Décembre 2, 2010)
"Humphrey's Lullaby", "English"
Homestuck for the Holidays
(Décembre 25, 2010)
"Carefree Perigree"
Homestuck Vol. 6: Heir Transparent
(Janvier 5, 2011)
"Umbral Ultimatum", "MeGaLoVania", "Gaia Queen", "Wacky Antics", "Nic Cage Song", "A Tender Moment"
(Mars 14, 2011)
"Karkat's Theme", "Terezi's Theme", "Vriska's Theme", "FIDUSPAWN, GO!", "Darling Kanaya", "Eridan's Theme", "Nautical Nightmare", "Nepeta's Theme", "Killed by BR8K Spider!!!!!!!!", "Catapult Capuchin", "Science Seahorse", "A Fairy Battle", "The Blind Prophet", "AlterniaBound", "You Won A Combat", "Rest A While"
Homestuck Vol. 7: At the Price of Oblivion
(Mai 31, 2011)
"Terezi Owns", "Rumble at the Rink", "Earthsea Borealis"
The Wanderers
(Juin 14, 2011)
"Mayor Maynot", "Riches to Ruins Movements I & II", "Tomahawk Head"
Homestuck Vol. 8
(Octobre 25, 2011)
"Love You (Feferi's Theme)", "Davesprite", "Frostbite", "The Lost Child", "Judgement Day", "Penumbra Phantasm" (featured in the third part of "Cascade")
Improvised Touhou Music with Annoying Commentary (Novembre 29, 2011) "Girl's Pretty Dress Dress, Do Your Best Now", "Magical Hopalong Cassidy Station", "An Apple Disaster!"
I Miss You - EarthBound 2012 (Janvier 1, 2012) "Fallen Down", "A New Line", "Megalo Strike Back", "Checkerboard Memories"
coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A
(Avril 2, 2012)
"~~SIDE 1~~", "~~SIDE 2~~", "~~ADDITIONAL MAYHEM~~"
coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B
(Avril13, 2012)
"~~SIDE 1~~", "~~SIDE 2~~", "~~ADDITIONAL MAYHEM~~"
(Mars 14, 2013)
"The Lordling"
Undertale Demo OST
(Mai 21, 2013)
"Once Upon a Time", "Menu", "Your Best Friend", "Fallen Down", "Ruines", "Anticipation", "Unnecessary Tension", "Enemy Approaching", "Ghost Fight", "Determination", "Home", "Heartache", "End", "Nyeh Heh Heh!", "Home (Music Box)", "Empty House"
UNDERTALE Soundtrack
(Septembre 15, 2015)
"Once Upon a Time","Start Menu", "Your Best Friend", "Fallen Down", "Ruines", "Uwa!! So Temperate♫", "Anticipation", "Unnecessary Tension", "Enemy Approaching", "Ghost Fight", "Determination", "Home", "Home (Music Box)", "Heartache", "sans.", "Nyeh Heh Heh!", "Snowy", "Uwa!! So Holiday♫", "Dogbass", "Mysterious Place", "Dogsong", "Couveneige Town", "Shop", "Bonetrousle", "Dating Start!", "Dating Tense!", "Dating Fight!", "Premonition", "Danger Mystery", "Undyne", "Waterfall", "Run!", "Quiet Water", "Memory", "Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap", "Mannequin!", "Pathetic House", "Spooktune, "Spookwave", "Ghouliday", "Chill", "Thundersnail", "Temmie Village", "Boutik Tem", "NGAHHH!!", "Spear of Justice", "Ooo", "Alphys", "It's Showtime!", "Metal Crusher", "Another Medium", "Uwa!! So HEATS!!♫", "Stronger Monsters", "Hotel", "Can You Really Call This A Hotel, I Didn't Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything", "Confession", "Live Report", "Death Report", "Spider Dance", "Wrong Enemy !?", "Oh! One True Love", "Oh! Dungeon", "It's Raining Somewhere Else", "CORE Approach", "NOYAU", "Last Episode!", "Oh My...", "Death by Glamour", "For The Fans", "Long Elevator", "Undertale", "Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans", The Choice, Small Shock, "Barrier", "Bergentrückung", "ASGORE", "You Idiot", "Your Best Nightmare", "Finale", "An Ending", "She's Playing Piano", "Here We Are", "Amalgam", "Fallen Down (Reprise)", "Don't Give Up", "Hopes and Dreams", "Burn in Despair!", "SAVE the World", "His Theme", "Final Power", "Reunited", "Menu (Full)", "Respite", "Bring It In, Guys!", "Last Goodbye", "But the Earth Refused to Die", "Battle Against a True Hero", "Power of "NEO"", "MEGALOVANIA", "Good Night"
Cucumber Quest Fan Song "Noisemaster Fansong", "Nightmare Knight Fansong"

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